Anti-Reformer Argues Outside Spending Necessary to Balance Incumbents, Media and Is Small Part of Economy

The Denver Post: “Legislated campaign-finance reforms limiting contributions to candidates and political parties have proven to be ineffectual, merely diverting spending to outside individuals and groups, which the Supreme Court has rightly ruled is political speech protected by the First Amendment. This is essential to balance the power to influence public opinion wielded by incumbents and the media, also protected by the First Amendment.

‘The Center for Responsive Politics estimates that close to $4 billion was spent on campaigns for federal offices during the midterm election. That sounds like a lot until you compare it to our $18 trillion economy. Americans spent $6 billion on Halloween this year. Proctor & Gamble spent $5 billion advertising soap and other stuff. Government spending, regulations and intrusions on business and personal freedoms have grown ever larger. So, it’s inevitable, rational and justified that political spending would grow along with it from those on the receiving end of government payments and favors, and those subject to government restrictions and taxes.”


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