FEC Member Call to Consider Requiring Disclosure for Internet-Based Campaign Media Generates Conflict

Sacramento Bee: “We have a regulation that I find very frustrating, that essentially exempts anything that’s web-based from the regulations” that require disclosure of who pays for other kinds of political advertising,” [Commissioner Ann] Ravel said Thursday in a meeting with the Sacramento Bee Editorial Board to discuss a variety of federal election issues. Ravel becomes chairman of the commission early next year.”

“It would mean if a campaign is going to put something on a different medium than on TV that there are ways that those things could be exempted… from disclosure,” she said. “If campaigns are moving into the Internet, as they are, we need to be thoughtful about those distinctions. We need to be informed.'” [Brackets added]

“It’s an idea that hasn’t sat well with Lee Goodman, the Republican who chairs the FEC.”

Note: the text here has been rearranged from the original article.


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