UT City Council, Mayor Signed Resolution Against Citizens United

St. Louis Tribune: “Mayor Ralph Becker and the City Council signed a joint resolution Tuesday recognizing opposition to the 2010 “”Citizens United”” Supreme Court decision that opened funding floodgates in political campaigns.

The action, acknowledged that 89 percent of Salt Lake City voters who responded to the city’s 2013 opinion question opposed the “”Citizens United”” ruling, which found that corporations were people and money was speech and government could not legally restrict independent political contributions.

According to a statement from the Utah Chapter of the national grassroots organization called Move to Amend, Salt Lake City will join over 600 U.S. cities opposed to the Supreme Court ruling.”

Good Piece on How We Got Here, Attempts to Fix

QC Online: “All told, 34 proposals have surfaced to amend the Constitution in response to the Citizens United ruling, and none have gotten close to ratification. Each would need a two-thirds super-majority in both houses of Congress, and the approval of three-fourths of state legislatures before becoming law.

“Ms. Rosenberg, of the transparency and accountability advocacy group, the Sunlight Foundation, said drumming up support for constitutional amendments will be even more difficult in the coming year.”

“Democrats in Illinois and Iowa have embraced a push to increase transparency with the Disclosure of Information on Spending on Campaigns Leads to Open and Secure Elections Act — or DISCLOSE Act.

“The bill would amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to increase disclosure requirements for campaign-related spending by corporations, unions and tax-exempt organizations.”

Moyers Highlights 8 Reform Campaigns and How You Can Help

BillMoyers.com: “In the battle for the Senate, 42 extremely wealthy donors accounted for nearly a third of all super PAC spending. Whatever one’s political philosophy may be, the fact is: wealthy donors are now able to drown out your voice.

“But if there was a silver lining in the elections’ display of plutocratic might, it’s that there’s growing awareness of how a flood of money is distorting our politics. And watchdogs at Open Secrets, The Campaign Legal CenterCommon Cause, The Sunlight FoundationDemocracy 21Public Citizen and countless other organizations have been working to turn back the tide. Here are some of the campaigns they’re working on that you can get involved in to get money out of politics.”

Check out the Campaign Finance Amendment, Star Wars Style

From Pay2Play Director John Ennis, via the Huffington Post:

“To some, going through the process of passing a new amendment is too daunting to find it viable. But given the widespread support for overturning Citizens United, this is necessary to stop the Supreme Court from continuing to eviscerate common sense anti-corruption laws. In the recent decisions Hobby Lobby vs. Sebelius and McCutcheon vs. FEC, the Supreme Court doubled down on the dubious precedent of Citizens United: that corporations have constitutional rights just like people, and that letting a rich person spend as much as they want in elections was what the founders intended when they wrote the First Amendment.”