NM to Reduce Public Funding During Uncontested Races after Candidate Paid $10K to Lobbyist as Consultant During Such Race

Follow the link for other stories of spending by uncontested publicly financed candidates

Candidate for New Mexico’s Public Regulation Commission Democrat Lynda “Lovejoy won a three-way race in the primary election but was unopposed in the general. She received $28,290 in public financing for the primary election and $27,574 for the general.”

“Also, after winning the primary election and before her uncontested election in the general, she paid more than $10,000 to campaign consultant and lobbyist Mark Fleisher of Albuquerque.”

“Fleisher’s lobbying clients this year include a telecommunications company regulated by the PRC. He has also represented a power company before the commission.”

State Sen. Peter Wirth, a major player in the Legislature on issues of campaign finance, says providing public financing to unopposed candidates doesn’t make sense to him.”

“Wirth, a Santa Fe Democrat, says lawmakers can take a look at the issue as part of a larger overhaul of public financing of campaigns he plans to propose when the Legislature meets in January.”

“In a bid to reduce the influence of money in politics, the state has provided optional public financing to candidates for the PRC since 2006 and for candidates seeking election to the state Appeals and Supreme courts since 2008. Efforts in the Legislature to expand public financing to candidates for other statewide offices have failed.”


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