UT Committee Declines to Endorse Bill to Impose First Campaign Finance Limits

Utah Political Capitol: “In September, lawmakers on the Government Operations Interim Committee effectively punted on taking action on the issue of campaign contribution limits. On Wednesday, the chickens came home to roost during the final meeting of the committee prior to the start of the 2015 legislative session.”

“Representative Brian “King’s proposed legislation was refined from September’s meeting to reduce fears and clarify that campaign finance limits would be adjusted for inflation, prevent aggregate limits (as allowed after the recent FEC v. McCutcheon case), and self-funded campaigns would still be allowed under the proposed legislation.”

“Senator Scott Jenkins (Republican – Plain City) has consistently fought King on such legislation, and Wednesday was no different.

“During a close roll call vote, King’s bill would ultimately fail to get the blessing of the committee. Due to committee rules, the recommendation has to have the support of a majority of the House member and a majority of Senate members. King’s bill received the approval of House members, however a majority was not had from the senators sitting on the committee.”

“King can still run the proposed legislation during the 2015 session, however it will not have the stamp of approval from the committee, making its passage more difficult.”


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