Anti-Reform Group Accuses Mayday PAC of Failing to Use Required Disclosure Language in Ads

Free Beacon: “‘Paid for by Mayday PAC. Not affiliated with any candidate or campaign,’ the group disclaimed in eight of its New Hampshire radio ads. A compliant disclaimer would’ve said that the group “is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

“Small changes to disclaimers in ads also allowed MAYDAY to reduce the time in 30 or 60-second spots devoted to satisfying the FEC’s disclaimer requirements. That allowed the group to devote more airtime to the actual contents of the ad.

“‘Mayday PAC saved approximately 10 percent of its advertising costs compared to other non-candidate speakers’ by illegally abridging disclaimers on two New Hampshire television ads, CCP said. ‘This amount is not trivial.'”

“After publication, Lessig directed inquiries about the complaint to this statement on his website: ‘To be clear: Every Mayday.US ad fully identified Mayday.US as its sponsor. And unlike Super PACs that accept dark money, Mayday.US discloses every contribution (over $200) as well. None could be confused about whom the ad was from, and anyone who cared could identify whom the PAC was funded by.'”

My take: appears that Mayday may have made some mistakes here, but hypocrisy is a bit far – Lessig doesn’t support the current disclosure rules, he wants to eliminate the need for them altogether.


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